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Magic of Mexico Top Seven

Cultural Museums

1. Museo Nacional de Antropología (Mexico City)

Noted for: The largest repository of Mesoamerican artifacts in the world. World-class on all levels and easy to navigate
Nearest Airport: MEX
Factoids: Always evolving displays dividing Mesoamerican cultures; massive temple re-creations, dioramas, priceless, curated artifacts.
2. Museo de Antropología de Veracruz (Jalapa City, Veracruz State)

Noted for: From entrance to exit, a world-class museum experience. Superb collection of Olmec and Totonac sculpture and ceramics
Nearest Airport: VER
Factoids: Descending museum levels combine artifact displays with adjacent outdoor space showcasing a collection of Olmec Heads
3. Museo Cuauhnahuac (Cuernavaca, Morelos State)

Noted for: Former home of Hernán Cortés, built as a Spanish castle atop an Aztec religious site; exquisite Diego Rivera murals
Nearest Airport: MEX
Factoids: Cortés family occupied the home for decades; priceless relics from Europe’s conquest of the New World. Rivera murals tell of Emiliano Zapata’s revolutionary movement.
4. Gran Museo del Mundo Maya (Mérida, Yucatán State)

Noted for: Thoughtful and exquisitely displayed story of Yucatán Mayan culture’s rise, fall and contemporary realities
Nearest Airport: MID
Factoids: Museum also tells story of meteor strike some 70 million years ago, reputed to have changed world’s climate and dinosaur extinction
5. Museo Nacional de Arte (Mexico City)

Noted for: MUNAL includes a large collection depicting the history of Mexican art from the mid-sixteenth to the mid 20th century.
Nearest Airport: MEX
Factoids: This neoclassical building near the Zocalo used to be in the Zocalo, and was moved several times until 1979 when it finally rested at No. 8 Tacuba.
6. Parque La Venta (Villahermosa, Tabasco State)

Noted for: Outdoor museum of winding jungle lined paths showcasing both nature and Olmec splendors
Nearest Airport: VSA
Factoids: Local poet Carlos Pellicer fought to recover and save these Olmec relics from uncertain fate once oil was discovered surrounding the site
7. Museo del Virreinato (Tepozotlán, Mexico State)

Noted for: 16th-18th century original art (paintings mostly) and period relics housed in former college and the Church of San Francisco
Nearest Airport: MEX
Factoids: Begun in 1606 by Jesuits to educate indigenous population; today it houses one of the most important collections of Churrigueresque (Mexico baroque) altarpieces